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Contact lenses are a great option for those that want the freedom from spectacle wear. Whether it is for sport, in the office or working outdoors we have an extensive range of affordable lenses to suit your needs. During the consultation our optometrists will discuss with you your needs and recommend the most suitable lenses.

If you’ve tried contact lenses a few years ago and found them to be uncomfortable, dry or you just couldn’t perfect the art of popping them in - don’t fret! There have been significant developments in materials used in contact lenses, meaning that if you have dry eyes, astigmatism or a high prescription - there is almost certainly a lens that will work for you. Our optometrists are also experts in lens insertion and removal. It may take a few lessons, but they’re all covered under a flat fee and we’re very patient!

For the experienced contact lens wearer, it is essential to have a contact lens exam at least every 12 months to ensure that your eye health is maintained. Some symptoms of preventable eye conditions cannot be felt, so even if your eyes feel fine, ensure you have a contact lens exam at least once every 12 months. 

We stock most popular contact lenses in store from dailies, 2 weekly and monthly contact lenses. Book an appointment to discuss if contact lens is suitable for you.


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